Heard on Campus

“I’m glad my parents sent me to Wolfeboro.  I never would have known that I can read so much if my cell hadn’t been taken away.  It was too much of a distraction. Last summer I struggled to finish a book.  Now, I’m starting to read my third book while here.”

Morning Swim

One of the great things about living along a beautiful New Hampshire body of water during the summer is the opportunity to swim in the morning.  The water can be cool on a hot afternoon, but it can also feel warm if the water temperature is higher than the air on a cool morning.

No matter the weather, a morning pond jump is a great way to start the day.

Enjoy these pictures from a Girls’ Campus morning swim:





Heard on Campus

“I love the salads here.  They’re so creative.” -student at the end of dinner last night.

Dinner last night included this gem of a salad:

Roasted rhubarb and goat cheese on bed of organic field greens and blueberries

Roasted rhubarb and goat cheese on bed of organic field greens and blueberries

Building Photo Galleries

Be sure to check our growing photo galleries through Vidigami.  I try to post a new gallery almost every day.  While a few pictures will be posted on this Blog, the Vidigami galleries hold many more photos to browse.  You’ll find our galleries under the “School Events” tab.

While browsing the galleries, you’ll notice that some of the activities in the July 1st gallery look a bit different- indoors and under cover.  We had a little rain Wednesday afternoon so we switched our afternoon schedule to include some quieter, indoor activities.  However, as you can see, the rain ended and we had a gorgeous afternoon and evening.

Yesterday, I spent a good part of the afternoon on the waterfront, so you’ll find a good number of sailing and swimming pictures in the July 2nd Vidigami album.

Biggest Wolfeboro Fishing Day

When Ethan Rubinstein and Lucas Uralli headed out in a canoe this afternoon, little did they know they’d have one of the best fishing days I’ve ever seen at Wolfeboro.  In my 25+ years, I’ve seen, and caught, one good size fish in a day, but never two.

The wind was calm, the water quiet… Inside of a couple of hours, luck struck twice for Ethan.  Take a look at these:

Ethan Rubinstein with Bass#1
Ethan Rubinstein with Bass#1
Ethan Rubinstein with Bass #2
Ethan Rubinstein with Bass #2

Ethan released both fish…