Dr. Christopher Thurber Talks “Mind Bending Conversations” with Wolfeboro Residential Faculty

Always working to improve our craft and interaction with our students, Dr. Christopher Thurber visited campus Thursday to lead Residential Faculty through his “Mind-Bending Conversations” workshop.

We practiced learning to listen more effectively and helping to lead our students to “insight through empathy.”

Below you can see Dr. Thurber (first) and a few pictures of our residential faculty practicing during the workshop.

Dr. Christopher Thurber speaking to Wolfeboro Residential Faculty
Dr. Christopher Thurber speaking to Wolfeboro Residential Faculty






Welcome to Inside Wolfeboro 2016

Jousson Dining Hall
Jousson Dining Hall

Please enjoy Inside Wolfeboro as your window into our session activities.

I’m Brian Fisher, the Communications Director at Wolfeboro.  I’ll work to be your eyes and ears into campus events and the lives and activities of our students through photographs, observations and the occasional interview.

I hope to give you a feel for the activity and growth that occurs in all of us every summer. Our students work hard, have a great time, and are guided by some of the best educators anywhere.

You’ll find a more complete introduction, including my Wolfeboro Experience, in the About section.