Please enjoy Inside Wolfeboro.

I’ll  work to provide a window into school life and happenings.  I hope you’ll get a great feel for the activity and  growth that occurs in all of us every summer.  Our students work hard, have a great time, and are guided by some of the best educators anywhere.

I’ll work to be your eyes and ears into campus events and the lives and activities of our students.  I’ll do this- mostly- with photographs and observations.  I might also include the occasional interview.

All of this raises the question,  so who is your observer on the ground?

I’m Brian Fisher.  I’m the communications director at Wolfeboro- and, a bit more than that. I’ve been a boarding school teacher and administrator.  2016 is my twenty-eighth summer working at Wolfeboro and my twenty-ninth summer connected with the school.  I’m a Wolfeboro alumnus.

I’ve worked in almost in almost every piece of the school- student life, administrator, head chef, maintenance, and admission to name a few.

I’ll try to use these collected experiences to help you see some the great academic, student living, and recreational growth among our students this summer.

Please leave a comment, or, ask questions.  Thanks for reading.


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