An Alumnus Visits

Chris Northrup ’78 stopped by campus to visit with Tim Stark- his Wolfeboro Latin teacher.  I grabbed this picture as the two of them worked to find Northrup’s class picture on the dining room wall.

Latin teacher Tim Stark and Chris Northrup '78
Latin teacher Tim Stark and Chris Northrup ’78

School Picture Day

Panfoto came to campus yesterday to shoot our annual all school photo.

If you’ve been inside our dining hall, you know that these all school photos play an important role in connecting past and present Wolfeboro generations.  They visually connect us to those who have come before us and to those who will have the opportunity to grow at Wolfeboro after us.

A brief photo essay of the school picture process:






The Art Room

Enter Wolfeboro’s art room during the afternoon and you are transported to a different place – busy, but quiet and purposeful.

Yards away, the waterfront bustles with swimmers, sailors and boaters.  Soccer players practice or play a game.  And, a bit further away, basketball courts, the volleyball court and student center host students and players in motion.

There is not a lot of physical motion in the art room; it features a quiet, focused vibe.  Everyone is welcoming but each is also there to concentrate and work.

If you are working in the art room during the afternoon, you are after a different feeling.

A photo essay with that feeling in mind:


2016 Land Carnival

This past Wednesday, Wolfeboro’s intramural teams spent time on the field competing in our annual Land Carnival.

The Land Carnival features classic field day fun including a tug of war, sack races, and a pie eating contest.

A few photos to pique your interest.  Visit Shutterfly to see the full galleries.