The Art Room

Enter Wolfeboro’s art room during the afternoon and you are transported to a different place – busy, but quiet and purposeful.

Yards away, the waterfront bustles with swimmers, sailors and boaters.  Soccer players practice or play a game.  And, a bit further away, basketball courts, the volleyball court and student center host students and players in motion.

There is not a lot of physical motion in the art room; it features a quiet, focused vibe.  Everyone is welcoming but each is also there to concentrate and work.

If you are working in the art room during the afternoon, you are after a different feeling.

A photo essay with that feeling in mind:


Preparing For Opening Day

Our new faculty members arrived yesterday and will be learning the ropes today and tomorrow.  Returning faculty rejoin us Tuesday and our Residential Life Staff have been on campus since Tuesday, June 16.

I never cease to be amazed by the care and attention to detail our administration and faculty take in preparation for our summer; as with our students, nothing is left to chance.  Our faculty address everything from the daily schedule to weekend activities, intramurals and the dining hall, to study hall and weekend trips- everything we do and how we do it.

We hope your planning and packing is going well.  Some of you may already be on the road; to you, we wish safe travels.  We’ll see you opening day.

2015 Wolfeboro’s 106th Summer

Wolfeboro's Summer Spirit
Wolfeboro’s Summer Spirit

Welcome to Wolfeboro’s 2015 blog.  This is the place for parents, family, and friends to visit and follow our activities throughout the session.  Publishing will start a bit prior to school’s opening.

In addition to this blog, we also invite you to follow the summer visually through our photo sharing partner Vidigami.  We’ll be getting information about Vidigami out in the coming weeks.

While you’re waiting for our 2015 summer, please visit last year’s blog to see us in action, Wolfeboro2014.