Helen’s Camera Spends the Winter At Wolfeboro

Back for her second Wolfeboro summer, student Helen told a great story at the dinner table the other night.  She found a little bit of her own history. P1010500 When she got home from Wolfeboro at the end of last summer, Helen didn’t have her camera or the pictures on her memory cards.  She thought they were gone for good. Imagine her surprise when she arrived on campus this summer, almost a full year later, and found her camera and memory cards right in the cabinet where she had left them.   Her camera still works after surviving one of the coldest, longest New Hampshire winters in recent memory and her memory cards hold all her 2014 summer pictures.

The bonus find – with the camera she also found a couple of letters that she’d written to her parents but never mailed.

Chicken Marsala for 360

At Wolfeboro, we take great pride in our dining hall and the meals it provides.  We serve the 360 people of our community at eighteen sit down meals and one picnic each week. Here’s a peek into what it looked like for our kitchen staff to produce  chicken marsala, rice pilaf, sauteed squash and asparagus, bread sticks and a garden salad for the evening meal this past Monday. To give you a full picture, to produce this meal it took 160 lbs. of chicken, 40 lbs. of rice, 60 lbs. of squash & asparagus, 450 bread sticks and 30 lbs. of lettuce.





P1010853   P1010899




Heard on Campus

“I’m glad my parents sent me to Wolfeboro.  I never would have known that I can read so much if my cell hadn’t been taken away.  It was too much of a distraction. Last summer I struggled to finish a book.  Now, I’m starting to read my third book while here.”

Morning Swim

One of the great things about living along a beautiful New Hampshire body of water during the summer is the opportunity to swim in the morning.  The water can be cool on a hot afternoon, but it can also feel warm if the water temperature is higher than the air on a cool morning.

No matter the weather, a morning pond jump is a great way to start the day.

Enjoy these pictures from a Girls’ Campus morning swim:





Heard on Campus

“I love the salads here.  They’re so creative.” -student at the end of dinner last night.

Dinner last night included this gem of a salad:

Roasted rhubarb and goat cheese on bed of organic field greens and blueberries

Roasted rhubarb and goat cheese on bed of organic field greens and blueberries