2016 Land Carnival

This past Wednesday, Wolfeboro’s intramural teams spent time on the field competing in our annual Land Carnival.

The Land Carnival features classic field day fun including a tug of war, sack races, and a pie eating contest.

A few photos to pique your interest.  Visit Shutterfly to see the full galleries.










Our 107th Session Begins

We welcomed students to campus as our 107th session began this past Wednesday.  Our students come from all corners of the United States and represent 23 countries from all over the globe.

It’s a week of firsts as students attended their first All-School meeting, first Wolfeboro meals, first classes, first intramurals, and their first evening study hall yesterday.  Thursday afternoon was filled with making new friends and orientation activities.  Students will enjoy their first weekend activities and trips over the next couple of days.

Here’s a short photo essay full of firsts.  You can see galleries of opening day and follow our summer in pictures at Wolfeboro2016, our Shutterfly gallery.










Welcome to Inside Wolfeboro 2016

Jousson Dining Hall
Jousson Dining Hall

Please enjoy Inside Wolfeboro as your window into our session activities.

I’m Brian Fisher, the Communications Director at Wolfeboro.  I’ll work to be your eyes and ears into campus events and the lives and activities of our students through photographs, observations and the occasional interview.

I hope to give you a feel for the activity and growth that occurs in all of us every summer. Our students work hard, have a great time, and are guided by some of the best educators anywhere.

You’ll find a more complete introduction, including my Wolfeboro Experience, in the About section.

Play the Chess Masters

In the Vidigami albums, you may have noticed the pictures of the regular, ongoing chess matches on the Borg Campus (upper school boys) each afternoon. Between lunch and dinner, you can often see ten regulars players at the boards, as many as four games going on, and a few spectators.

While the matches include many boys, and players move in-and-out of their seats at the tables, Maurice and Harrison stand as Wolfeboro’s chess masters.


Maurice and Harrison are Wolfeboro’s strongest players.

You’ll often find Maurice and Harrison teaching each other during quieter times with other players watching and learning.  Maurice and Harrison spend a good deal of time teaching.  Some players seek advice on openings and endings.  And, Wolfeboro’s chess masters also set puzzles and situations for other students to study.

“In order to learn, you have to first see the board better…We teach them openings so they know how to open up the game and be strong,” explains Maurice.

I asked Maurice if anyone has beaten him or Harrison yet.

“Not yet.  Everyone’s gotten better.”

We’ll find out how much better during this weekend’s chess tournament.

Ties that Bind: Charlie Frankenbach returns after a 27 year hiatus

Mr. Frankenbach’s English Class
How’d you get to Wolfeboro?
Bill Cooper hired me in the spring of 1985, largely because my cousin Angus Mairs had worked at Wolfeboro the summer before.  Angus was heading to Choate, I to Loomis, and we both needed some “boarding school training” before we started what has turned out to be lifelong careers in education for both of us.  I was a counselor in 1985, 1986, and was an activities co-director in 1987 (with Mike Carswell, who did most of the work!).
Twenty-seven years is a long time away; what drew you back; what’s your Wolfeboro story?
My Wolfeboro story is the story of much of my adult life–no kidding.  Here I met Lauren, my spouse of 27 years, and John and Christy Cooper, two of our  closest friends on this planet.  I discovered that I loved working with young folks and colleagues committed to helping young folk through young folkdom.  I’m back here this summer because I know that Wolfeboro has always committed to a program that works.  I love teaching, and to teach small classes in the fabled tents was a draw.  (I also needed to make money for my own children’s educations!)  And I love loon calls…
What changes do you see?
Wolfeboro has evolved, as successful organisms evolve.  Not for mere survival, but for thriving with and in the times.  There’s still an atmosphere of rather austere attention to rules and decorum, but there is a lighter touch with admonition.  Still stern, but calibrated more towards encouragement and teaching moments.  The kids are more willing to have the Wolfeboro experience, and, in turn, a bit easier to engage and cajole.
What’s the best thing about being  back on campus for the summer?
Best part:  Old friends; good, upbeat kids; great food!; the reading festival I just attended (and seeing the grand master, Bob Googins)…And truly skilled residential life staff.  A tried and true overall system.  Old school is good school.

Weekly Student Life Recognitions

Each Monday at the All School Meeting, we recognize students who have made selfless contributions to the greater community.

Nominated by the faculty, the Above and Beyond recognition publicly appreciates those students who have gone beyond themselves to help others through acts of kindness and generosity.

Each week we will post photos of the week’s recipients under this title.

July  31



July 27



July 20



July 13



July 6th


Building Photo Galleries

Be sure to check our growing photo galleries through Vidigami.  I try to post a new gallery almost every day.  While a few pictures will be posted on this Blog, the Vidigami galleries hold many more photos to browse.  You’ll find our galleries under the “School Events” tab.

While browsing the galleries, you’ll notice that some of the activities in the July 1st gallery look a bit different- indoors and under cover.  We had a little rain Wednesday afternoon so we switched our afternoon schedule to include some quieter, indoor activities.  However, as you can see, the rain ended and we had a gorgeous afternoon and evening.

Yesterday, I spent a good part of the afternoon on the waterfront, so you’ll find a good number of sailing and swimming pictures in the July 2nd Vidigami album.